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We are a Debt Relief Agency as designated under Federal Law. Saunders & Associates, APC, proudly helps working Americans from all walks of life file for Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to stop foreclosures, harassment from creditors, garnishments, repossessions, liens, evictions and lawsuits under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Saunders & Associates, APC, is here to help you get out of debt. We will vigorously represent you in Bankruptcy Court. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys have provided help for people just like you for over 32 years.

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Understanding Bankruptcy

There are three chapters of Bankruptcy that individuals (and married couples) can file. The most well-known chapters are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy cases are mostly utilized by businesses.

Individuals whose debt exceeds the limit for a Chapter 13 may file a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy to restructure their debt. Filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for either a business or an individual requires that a reorganization plan be submitted to the court.

Saunders & Associates has been serving the legal needs of California commercial and residential clients since 1989. We guide our clients through difficult issues, bringing our insight and judgment to each situation.

What Makes Us Different?

The difference between winning and losing is razor thin. The law firm representing you makes the difference. Saunders & Associates is that difference for you and your family.

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The Process To Getting Started

Review Your Case

Whether you are an individual or business owner. We have a legal strategy and solution that will resolve your matter.

Execute Fee Agreement

Submit all requested documents and Fee Agreement to establish attorney-client relationship.

Vigorously Represent You

Once you become a client, we will vigorously fight for you, to negotiate your desired outcome.

Best Efforts Resolution

Once desired outcome is achieved, supporting documents will be emailed to you. The benefit of having the right law firm on your side.



Saunders & Associates provides aggressive cost-effective and result-oriented representation to its clients. Our clients get an experienced Real Estate Foreclosure Attorney and support staff, who will know your case, the law, and the best way to save your home. Your lender has a team of attorneys working against you . . . Let Us Vigorously Fight To Save Your Home.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Sara M
- Foreclosure Client

Very helpful from the beginning. They answered all my questions and were great at helping me save my home from foreclosure. I highly recommend this law firm.

Michael A
- Litigation

I was in need of an experienced attorney who knows litigation. I was very happy with the service and the results. I was notified about the each step and what was happening. The client portal is a great tool to be able to access and upload.

S. Landsbrook
- Foreclosure

Had to separate legal issues to deal with. First, the foreclosure I was going through was resolved after trying other companies, no one could help. After that was resolved I had a living trust which needed to be created. Everything went smooth.

Nathan Skaggs
- Litigation

I contacted Saunders & Associates and asked them about some personal matters I was dealing with. They helped me promptly. I am so glad I reached out.

C. Teitelbaum
- Foreclosure

The Saunders group not only saved my home and got me a low interest long term modification, they saved me $200,000 in the process. They are the pinnacle at what they do, and they do what they say!