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Corporate Restructuring

Restructuring is an action taken by a company to significantly modify the financial and operational aspects of the company, usually when the business is facing financial pressures. Restructuring is a type of corporate action taken that involves significantly modifying the debt, operations, or structure of a company as a way of limiting financial harm and improving the business.

Types of Corporate Restructuring 

Financial Restructuring
This type of restructuring may take place due to a severe fall in the overall sales due to adverse economic conditions.

Organizational Restructuring
A change in the organizational structure such as redesigning the job positions, downsizing the employees, and changing the reporting relationships. This type of restructuring cuts down the cost and to pay off the outstanding debt to continue with the business operations.

Reasons For Restructuring 
Restructuring is implemented in the following situations:

Change in the Strategy;
Lack of Profits;
Reverse Synergy;
Cash Flow Requirement
Business team meeting for financial project
In the Modern Corporate Meeting Room: Diverse Group of Businessp

Types of Corporate Restructuring Strategies 

Reverse Merger
Joint Venture (JV)
Strategic Alliance
Slump Sale

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Corporate Restructuring . . . See What Saunders & Associates Can Do For You